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As a makeup brush manufacturer, we wholesale mascara brush products to meet your specific needs.

JAF wholesales many mascara brush types.Such as disposable spoolie brush, spoolie brush, spoolie eyebrow brush, eyelashes brush, mascara fan brush, curved brush mascara, thin mascara brush. . .

Shapes and colors of  Mascara Brushes can be customized.

A big, thick mascara brush is perfect for curled, dense lashes.

The spike-ball mascara brush is amazing on sparse lashes.

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Finding the Right Bulk Makeup Brushes Facotry For Your Business

JAF is a makeup brush factory and suppliers of cosmetic eyebrow brushes in China. We produce mascara makeup brushes, from disposable mascara brushes to lash and brow brush, to dual portable mascara brushes, and custom packaging. Many different modes of eyebrow eyelash brushes are available. 


JAF Mascara brush is designed for root-to-tip application and minimizing both mascara clumps and smudges. Innovate and provide you with the latest and unique mascara brush. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable quality control and service. 


We have many customers around the world, with good experience and price shipping to many ports. 


LOGO and private Label mascara brush are also supported. Free samples are available. We will ship regular samples in 1-2 days and customized your mascara brush samples in about 7-10 business days. 

Custom Mascara Brush With Your LOGO Printed

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A small mascara brush with a pointed tip works great on all eye sizes and shapes. JAF mascara brush makes sense of proper size. 


Mascara brush is sometimes also called an eyelash brush. Mascara Brush is perfect for mascara and eyelash separation. The Eyelash wand can make or break a mascara application. Makeup sure you find the right lash wands. 

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JAF support mascara brush wholesale services and OEM orders with small MOQ eyelash wands. 


Thin, short, light, or dark. JAf offers different types of mascara brush for each type of eyelashes.

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Mascara makeup brush is one of the most beloved beauty brushes of all time, making eyelashes brighter.






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