The Definite Guide of Makeup Brush Logo Printing

The Makeup Brush Logo is an important part for the custom makeup brushes business. There are so many online designs for a beautiful makeup brush logo. However, are all of them able to be printed on brushes ? Some customers encoutner this problem when they begin the production of custom orders.How to make a unique makeup brushes logo that is printable?  You will get the answers in this post.

The Definite Guide of Makeup Brush Logo Printing-JAF Brush

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Different Printing Way Of Makeup Brush Logo?


There are many ways to print the makeup brush logo on brushes. The common methods are pad printing, silk printing, hot stamp printing, laser printing, U.V. printing, etc.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is the most common printing ways. And this is the default printing way we use. Pad printing Pad printing is a particular printing method.

We first engrave the grooves of the cosmetic brush logo on the steel plate. Then fill the grooves with ink and print the ink on the brush handle or ferrule by pressure through the pad printing head.The characteristics of pad printing are realistic logo patterns, transparent layers, and strong three-dimensionality.

Silk Printing

Silk printing is a printing method in which the ink is transferred to the products through the stencil holes through pressure.

We first make a brush logo plate and make holes on the logo plate to make the passage of the ink. Then we use the scarper to squeeze through the plate to transfer the ink onto the makeup brush handle through the mesh to form a pattern. Screen printing has many advantages. It is excellent for different shapes. The screen is soft and will not damage the makeup brush parts.

Hot Stamping Printing

Hot stamp printing is also called embossing. Hot stamping on cosmetic brushes mainly refers to stamping patterns in gold or silver color on the surface of the brush handle or embossing various patterns by hot pressing.

The production process of hot stamping is original → master → plate making → revision → hot stamping → drying → inspection → finished product.

Laser Printing

Laser engraving is to shoot the laser onto the product to engrave a logo pattern. The feature of laser engraving is the most delicate logo. It is a 3D logo that is accurately carved. It can be used for paper box, leather case, makeup sponges, makeup brush ferrules. However, the logo on the wooden handle cannot be colored.

UV Printing

UV printing is a new technology of logo printing. The UV logo has a strong sense of three-dimensional layering, and the UV logo can be colorful.

Size Of Makeup Brush Logo

Eye / Lip Makeup Brush:

The logo height on brush handles is between 2.5-3.3mm, and the length is less than 40mm. (If you choose laser printing on the ferrule, the size is limited to 25mm in length.)

Big Face Makeup Brush :

The flogo height ranges between 3.0-5.0mm, length less than 40mm.  (If you choose laser printing on the ferrule, the size is limited to 30mm in length).

The following picture shows the printing area that your logo is on.

The Definite Guide of Makeup Brush Logo Printing-JAF Brush

Content Of Your Makeup Brush Logo

We highly recommend a one-line content logo because the small brushes are narrow. There is only about 2.5-3.3mm for the logo.

If you would like to label the brush name along with your brush logo, we can print the brush name after your brand.

There will be extra fees for each brush name as we need to make extra templates for those names. We can also psotion your brand on one side and the  brush name on the other side.

The Definite Guide of Makeup Brush Logo Printing-JAF Brush

Color of makeup brush logo

Pad printing / Silk Printing :  one color only ( the handle are too narrow for multi-color printing )

Laser printing: laser can not printing color. It will show the natural color of wood or aluminum ferrule.

U.V. printing is a colorful logo solution.

Recommend Logo colors

Black handles: white / silver/gold color

Pink handle: white / black /silver

White handle: Black /Silver /Gold

You can also choose the Pantone color for printing.

Position Of Your Makeup Brush Logo

Logo on the brush handle

Logo on brush handle is the most common way.The logo on the middle is a default solution, which is the same way as JAF makeup brushes.

You can choose a particular position. For example, distance ferrule 1.5cm, or on the middle of the handle, or distance the bottom of handle XX cm.

Logo on the ferrule

You can also put the logo on the brush ferrule. Highly recommend laser printing on the ferrule. We will use pad printing for a particular color.

Quality For The Makeup Brush Logo

We use environmental protection printing ink for the logo.

And the printing ink is alcohol resistant, so the makeup brush logo is long-lasting.

The logo has clear boarder without any unfilled place.

Necessary Files for your makeup brush logo

We need your logo in an A.I. format file.

Or send me a picture of the logo. I will help to make your logo file available for printing.

Cost For Your Makeup Brush Logo

The cost is 100.00 USD for one logo. It is a fixed charge for an order, regardless of the quantity. That means, if you order 1 unit, the logo printing fee is 100.00 USD.

When you order 10,000 units, is it still 100.00 USD.


Colorful makeup brush logo

Only UV printing can be the colorful logo.

Can I get a sample with my logo before ordering?

There will be a 100.00 USD logo printing fee for your customize sample.


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