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Custom Makeup Brush from Supplier In China

Custom Makeup Brushes for your own branding business.JAF creates high quality design cosmetic brushes for you.

JAF make-up brushes are not only of good quality, but also of reasonable price. You will get makeup brushes with artist-grade quality due to the high-end Material.

We have full serial of makeup brush lines. You can wholesale or private label any of models with low MOQ.

Or you can send your own desgin and we will make it as your request. Send us your design makeup brushes with specifications like functions, shapes, colors, materials, etc. We will check the cost for you.

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  • Complete Makeup Brush Set

Private Label Makeup Brushes without MOQ

The JAF makeup brush line includes a full range of different brushes. Such as, foundation make brush, powder brush,eyeshadow brush, eyebrow brush, contour brush,blush brush,lip brush and so on. 

  • High Quality hair. A high-quality makeup brush must first choose high-quality hair. The quality of the material itself, mainly, determines the brush’s touch feeling, powder holding ability, and wear resistance.
  • Perfect shapes for apply makeup.In the case of the same hair quality. Then, the brush shapes decide the easy usage of a brush. A qualified makeup brush is produced after professional testing and design.what kind of angle is suitable?what kind of softness is moderate?
  • Handmade by experienced makeup artist. In the production process, JAF wholesale cosmetic brushes need to undergo a series of continuous inspections and strict tests to ensure that the finished products meet the use standards.For more than ten years, we have insisted on hand-made to prevent machine processing from damaging the brush hair.
  • Strong ferrule support long lasting brushes.Strong ferrule  protects your brush with great shape. Not easily become bad shapes.
  • Suitable length Brush handles for easy holding. Environmentally friendly paintings with adsive glue to ensure that your makeup brushes are durable. And nice shape with proper length to make you most comfortable when holding your makeup brushes.

Find a wide variety of high-quality makeup brushes customized at very cheap prices.

JAF is a professional brushes supplier in China.We supply premium beauty tools like makeup brushes, cosmetics bags, beauty tool applicators.

JAF provides various new styles  to meet any application. Such as handcrafted powder brush, foundation brushes, blusher brushes, kabuki brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brushes, lip brushes, and so on. 

We have produced thousands of personalized brush orders for the past 13 years. And, we have gained a lot of expert knowledge from the customizing work.

So, you will get the fully customized service, including bristle shape, aluminum ferrule color, handle color, brush bag and other accessories. All can be customized according to your demand. Your custom engraved makeup brushes are handy made by experienced  artists in JAF factory.

Factory direct custom makeup brushes. We customize all kinds of classic and durable high-end makeup brushes, makeup brush sets and beauty tools at ex-factory prices. JAF provide high-quality makeup brushes for makeup artists, beauty salons, makeup artist training schools, and makeup boutiques. We provide global distribution services, support low MOQ, support OEM, and support customized makeup brushes.

JAF has a wide range of makeup brushes that will impress you. We have complete animal hair series brushes, vegan hair series brushes, and various brushes for you to choose from. No matter what your needs, you will always find the perfect solution for you here.

You will get high-end makeup brushes at factory direct wholesale price. Besides the high-quality makeup brushes and makeup tools you will, you will also get fast, convenient, and cheap logistics and freight.

We help you with the following four key points of service:

  • High-quality cosmetic brushes
  • Low wholesale price
  • Fast order processing speed
  • Great customer service

You will get stable quality makeup brushes with an assistant of our Strict SOP. You will receive high-quality makeup brushes with guarantees. Because we follow strict standard operating procedures when producing makeup brushes. 

The makeup brushes we designed have undergone repeated quality inspections and tests to ensure that only the best quality makeup brushes are provided. Before shipping, we will carry out strict quality inspections when we pack them.

You will get a wide range of different makeup brush models. We provide more than 200 types of makeup brushes. Products range from foundation brushes, loose powder brushes, eye shadow brushes to lip brushes, from a small set of mini makeup brushes to a large set of professional makeup brushes.

In-depth understanding of the cosmetic brush industry. The wholesale partner you choose should have a deep understanding of the products they sell. Wholesalers who cannot answer your questions about the product may know that their product is not the best, or lack of knowledge may mean that they don’t care. Either way, a good business partner will be able to fully answer your questions.

Fullly Customized Makeup Brush To Your Designs

We offer the best quality natural hair, such as premium animal hair for big brushes and pony hair for eyeshadow brushes.
JAF uses high-quality taklon hair to make a vegan cosmetic brush. It features cruelty-free and not to absorb makeup. 
Your brushes are excellent in grasping makeups as well as bring your soft and silky feeling when applying makeups.
JAF uses stronge brush ferrule as metal part. Strong ferrule will protect the shape of brush hair.
The most common aluminum tube colors are silver, black, silver, black, rose gold, etc.
Shiny silver and shiny black are more eye-catching, while matt-black and matt-silver seems high-end.
We offer a variety of colors and styles of brush handle.We provide wood handle, bamboo handle, plastic handle, acrylic handle, metal plating handle and other materials.
There are many colors, mainly black, pink, white, raw wood, and colorful.
In the last 3 years, rainbow  brush, marble cosmetic brush, shiny beauty brush, unicorn make up brush are popular.

We have mulity ways of packing for makeup brushes. You can choose PVC bag or PVC box, paper box, leather case, brush holder cylindar cup, poly bag.
We also provide you with high-quality cosmetic brush paper box packaging.Such as matte  brush box, gloss  brush box, Clear PVC box, Clear PVC bag, OPP bag are also optional choice.
For the customized  brush set, we provide portable  brush bags, zipper cosmetic brush bags,  brush belt, brush cylinder tube and other packaging.

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JAF is the # 1 CHOICE for your brand Custom Makeup Brushes

How to choose a makeup brush?


In this article, we are talking about how to choose a makeup brush with a soft and delicate texture and the right size to achieve a flawless and clean makeup finishing.

1. Choose the material of the suitable bristles

Makeup brushes can avoid bacteria on your hands and make long-lasting makeup on your face. Especially for sensitive skin, try to choose a vegan hair makeup brush.


(1) Synthetic Bristles

The synthetic bristles feel smooth to the touch and have no hairy scales. According to the classification of hair peaks, it can be divided into sharpened fibers and non-sharpened fibers. The brushes with sharpened hair tips are slender, soft, and elastic and will not absorb our cosmetics too much.

<Applicable cosmetics>

When using liquid or cream makeup such as liquid foundation, lip gloss, blush cream, or concealer, it is best to choose synthetic fibers as it does not “eat makeup.”

Nylon bristles have the hardest texture and are suitable for eyelash brushes and eyebrow brushes.

<Characteristics of Synthetic Hair>

The price of a synthetic hair brush is not as high as an animal hair brush. And it is a good choice for newcomers.

(2) Animal bristles

Weasel Hair

It belongs to the best animal bristles, with a soft and flexible texture, a comfortable touch, and well-proportioned makeup. The main production areas are in Hebei and the three provinces of Northeast China.

Goat Hair

This type of bristle is the most common material. It is soft and durable. There are many types of goat hair. The materials that are more suitable for professional makeup brushes are 0, Shuitui, Huang Jian, Huang Bai Jian, Bai Jian, Zhong Guang Feng, and Xiguangfeng. The main producing areas are in Henan, Hebei.

Pig bristles

The bristles of pig bristles are stiff and are mainly used for eyebrow brushing. The short, stiff bristles can make a perfect eyebrow shape very well.

<Applicable cosmetics>

Weasel’s hair is the best of bristles, expensive, soft, and moderate in texture, suitable for any cosmetics;

Pony hair is softer than goat hair. It is mainly used in eye shadow brushes;

<Features of Animal Hair>

Natural animal hair is not easy to loose powder after applying makeup. It holds makeup great and blends the color well. It is more suitable for dry powder products such as loose powder, eye shadow, blush powder, etc.

The disadvantage of natural hair brush is the expensive cost and the difficulty to maintain.


For girls with sensitive skin, synthetic hair brushes are better than animal hair brushes because they are softer to the touch. For beginners to get started, choosing a synthetic brush is more cost-effective, and you can directly replace it if you are not happy with it.

2. Pick the right brush shape

Besides hair material, the shape and size of the bristle are the second key point for a makeup brush.

(1) Foundation brush

The foundation brush helps get a more-translucent foundation, which avoids heavy makeup. The liquid foundation brush is made of synthetic hair. Long-lasting, easy cleaning, and simple maintenance.

<Common foundation brush shape>

Tongue-shaped foundation brush;

12SSYF-B_size custom foundation brush


Stippling foundation brush;

16SCY-B_size custom makeup brushes


Flat-head foundation brush;

Personalized Makeup Brushes 18SSYL-B_size


Round-head foundation brush;

18SSY-B_size custom makeup brushes


Mushroom foundation brush

18SSYM-B_size Personalized Makeup Brushes


There are three basic brush shapes for foundation brushes: round head, flat head, and tongue shape. The bristles are tight, all of which are synthetic hair and can hold powder well.

The tongue-shaped foundation brush needs makeup skills. It is easy to produce brush marks. If you go out in a hurry after applying makeup, it is easy to cause an embarrassing situation.

The round foundation brush head is large for quickly applying makeup.

Flat-head brushes are also very common, apply makeup faster, and take care of the nose and other details.

<Purchase suggestion>

Concealment degree:

flat-head brush> round-head brush> tongue-shaped brush;

makeup speed:

large round-head brush> flat-head brush> tongue-shaped brush;

obvious degree of brush marks:

tongue-shaped brush> round-head brush> flat-head brush.

For beginners, we recommend starting with a flat-head brush.

(2) Loose powder / Blush brush

The most significant feature of loose powder brushes is the large brush head size, the largest of all makeup brushes.

The blush brush is smaller than the loose powder brush to avoid too many blush colors on the cheek.

<Common loose powder brush shape>

The most common shapes are round heads and flame heads. Loose powder and blush brushes tend to use animal hair with natural hair scales. So compared with foundation brushes, the price is slightly higher.

Now, synthetic hair has improved the ability of pickup powder with its sharpened hair tips. And is it popular as it is cruelty-free.

Goat Hair Loose Powder Brush custom

Goat Hair Loose Powder Brush

<Purchase suggestion>

Powder holding ability: round head> flame head;

precise positioning force: flame head> round head;

makeup speed: round head> flame head,

For beginners, we recommend a round head. Loose powder and blush with a rounded crown. It applies makeup fast, picking moderate powder or blush to achieve a natural finish.

(3) Contouring brush

The contour brush is mainly used to adjust the contour of the face. If you want a small V face and a high nose bridge effect, the contour brush will help you a lot. For facial contouring, the contouring brush needs to be smudged over a large area.

Custom makeup brushes 18SSYH-B_size


<Common contouring brush shape>

A contouring brush with a round angled head is the best shape for contouring any place on your face. The angled head is more convenient for the smudge effect.

<Purchase suggestion>

The angled brush is easier to grasp the angle. It is best for the cheekbones area.

The fan-shaped brush is suitable for the cheekbones and the nose. The bristles are sparse, and it is convenient to control the amount of contour makeup.


(4) Eyeshadow brush

Eye makeup is the focus of makeup. The most basic is the blending brush and the detail coloring brush. To better blend, the eye shadow brush must have a remarkable ability to hold eyeshadow. There are many shapes of eyeshadow brushes for different applications.

Personalized Makeup Brushes Wholesale Makeup Brush cusomize eyeshadow brush

<Common Eyeshadow Brush Shape>

Standard flat brushes, flame brushes, etc. Generally, the large eye shadow brushes often choose flat eyeshadow brushes. The flame brushes that focus on color can better deal with the details of eye makeup. The blending brush has long and loose hair so that the color can be evenly blended.

(5)Lip brush

The lip brush is not as particular as other cosmetic brushes. The smaller, the better. It can quickly and accurately outline the lip line. Remember to choose stiff bristles, which is easy to control the intensity, and it is best to use synthetic fiber bristles, which can be repeated clean without deformation.

03SBYL Lip Makeup Brush Custom 04SBYL private label makeup brush 04ssyj custom makeup brush

<Common lip brush shape>

The common ones are flat and pointed. Those getting thinner understand that a flat-head lip brush is suitable for coloring, and a pointed tip is ideal for lip line.

3. How to identify a quality makeup brush?

No matter what type of makeup brush we choose, we need to identify the quality of the makeup brush. Here are some ways to distinguish high-quality brushes from low-quality makeup brushes?

(1) Appearance

When we observe the appearance of the makeup brush, we can judge the quality of the makeup brush. Whether artificial or animal hair, high-quality makeup brushes tend to have soft and smooth bristles and a firm and entire structure.

Hold the bristles with your fingers. If the edges of the bristles are smooth, it is a good brush. We can gently comb down to see if the bristles will shed hair, a poor quality makeup brush.

custom makeup brushes

(2) Distinguish the material

If you want to know what your brush’s material is and distinguish between synthetic and animal bristles, we can use hot air to blow the bristles. The animal hair remains intact. If the bristles become curled, they belong to artificial fibers.

Maybe you think it is not a good idea. It will destroy the makeup brushes. There is an easy way, take the brush hair near your nose, you will get a slight smell of the natural goat hair. And natural hair has its natural texture. Compare carefully with a natural hair brush and synthetic hair, and you will get what I mean.


(3) Dense hair

Dense hair is one key point for quality makeup brushes. A quality makeup brush has rich hair, so it can pick up powder with full ability and transfer it to your face. Hold the hair part in your hand; you will get a feeling of the amount.


(4) Wave of the hair

The brush hair with a large wave seems very large but does not hold enough powder. The wave of hair makes the bristle spread out. So the brushes seem with a large head, but not dense hair.

(5) Painting of the handle

A poor-quality brush has not enough painting on the brush handle. So, the surface of the brush is not as smooth as the quality makeup brushes.

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