5 Steps to start your makeup brush line

5 Steps to start your makeup brush line
Whether you are looking for makeup brush set, educational brushes, artist brush, complete makeup brush line, or want to take advantage of JAF large volume direct manufacturing pricing, we will offer you the convenience, dependability, and quality.

Step 1: picking makeup brushes etc.

JAF offer a wide range of premium makeup tool products.And we offer 3 types of service with different MOQ.
If you’re just starting out, I highly recommend starting with service 1 and service 2.
Service 1:   Wholesale JAF branded makeup brush with no mininum
Quantity : No MOQ
JAF Branded makeup brushes are with high quality sysnthetic hair ( talklon hair ) and premium natrual hair makeup brushes.
Service 2:   Private label your brand makeup brush with JAF exsiting model
Quantity: 120 pcs (You can mix different models)
Try to make the design a little difference than those already on the market.
Service 3: Custom your own designs of makeup brushes
Send your designs and we will check price with MOQ .
Remember you don’t have to be an engineer to customize your products.Customization can be as simple as changing JAF product’s hair color or making a makeup brush hair longer or bigger.
Private Label Makeup Brush Service
Our products are including numerous designs and different types of pro makeup brushes, makeup beauty tools and cosmetic brushes made with artist-grade raw materials.
AF makeup brushes offer customer full range of selection when creating a pro customized makeup brushes. An expansive line of filled material (including premium goat hair, super soft pony hair, taklon synthetic hair …), brush sizes from #01 to #18, pantone colors of handles, logo printing and packaging.
Branding Makeup Brush and Packaging Services
Wholesale JAF Brand Makeup Brushes

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