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Custom Eyeshadow Palette

JAF offers a variety of eyeshadow palette with professional quality.

JAF customize makeup eyeshadow with low MOQ and reasonable price.

You can cutomize the colors of your eyeshaow from over 200+ colors. So you will get unique personalized eyeshadow.

You will aslo get the custom eyeshadow with your logo on it.

It is really an easy way to get started with your own eyeshadow makeup brand. First step, decide how many colors in your eyeshadow and choose the proper eyeshadow container. Then, choose the color you want. And send JAF your logo. We will print it on your eyeshadow and ship it to you.

Send your ideas to JAF makeup brushes supplier NOW!

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JAF: Get Low MOQ Customize Eyeshadow Palette Supplier

Color In Stock For Pickup

You can choose any of the colors you want in this page.
If you want customized colors, we can do it for you.

Private Label

We can print your logo or your picutre on the cover of the eyeshadow.
Your logo in A.I. format is necessary.


We will pack each shadow color in a clear PVC case. So that it will pretect the eyeshadow from falling apart.

Customize High Quality Eyeshadow Palette For You

Eye shadow is good at creating light and shadow effects.The meticulous pigments make this eyeshadow from matte to metallic, it can well portray the look of the eyes.The long-lasting formula is adopted, which is not easy to fade, and the makeup is evenly applied.

With great protection during shipping,the eyeshadow will arrived safely.
The eyeshadow adopts a combination of matte and pearly colors. It is versatile in design and can be used in daily work. It is suitable for any skin tone.

The effect is naturally outstanding,Colors range from matte, velvet, and pearl.Create a deep and three-dimensional eye makeup effect.
It can keep the eye color for up to 12 hours, and it is not easy to fade, smudge and get stuck.


JAF is the # 1 CHOICE for your wholeslae makeup brush set

How to tell if eyeshadow is expired


Does Eyeshadow Expire?

Surely. The eyeshadow does expire. So keep your eye on it.

How long is the expire time of eyeshadow?

Eye shadows mainly include powder eye shadows and liquid eye shadows. The expire time of these two eye shadows is different. You can check your packaging box, which has production and expire time.

  • Expire time of powder eyeshadow
    Generally speaking, if it is not opened, the expire time of powdered eyeshadow is generally about three to five years. When opened, the expire time is between eight and sixteen months. After opening, the eyeshadow is prone to breed various bacteria, which may affect the skin around the eyes.
  • Expire time of liquid eyeshadow
    The expire time of liquid eye shadows before opening is generally about two to three years, and the expire time after opening is about six months. It is best to use a makeup brush for liquid eyeshadow. If you use the brush head that comes with the liquid eye shadow for a long time, you are susceptible to bacteria.

Can the eyeshadow be used after the expiry date?

It is best not to use cosmetics after their expiry date. The same goes for eye shadows. Because after the expiry date, bacteria in the product are very easy to breed. For skin safety, do not use eyeshadows with the expiration date.

How do I know if the eyeshadow has expired?

Everyone knows that bad things are likely to give off a bad smell. However, after the eye shadow has expired, it is difficult to tell whether it has expired just by looking at the appearance. However, in fact, the details of eye shadow have a high probability of exceeding the standard.
The safest way is to buy the eyeshadow after opening, write down the opening date, and paste it on the eyeshadow box, then you can always know whether the product is about to expire!

Can expired eyeshadow have other uses?

It is a good idea to make nail polish with expired eyeshadow. In a few simple steps, you can call up an exclusive nail polish that does not hit the color for yourself~ Let’s take a look!
Step 1: Prepare a bottle of transparent nail polish, unused eye shadow, paper and toothpicks.
Step 2: Use a toothpick to gently scrape the expired eyeshadow box into powder.
Step 3: Concentrate the powder on the paper and pour it into the transparent nail polish.
Step 4: Use a toothpick to mix the powder evenly and you’re done! Isn’t it super easy! ?

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