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Wholesale Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Manufacturer

JAF eyeshadow makeup brushes helps you get perfect blended eye makeup.

JAF has gained over 13 years of makeup brush manufacturing experience. We has devoted ourselves to new innovative designs and new technologies.

You have many types of  developed eyeshadow brushes to chosen from.

JAF good eyeshadow brushes are made of premium pony hair, goat hair, or vegan Taklon synthetic hair. The finest quality materials are great in depsoting and blending eye pigments. Therefore, your makeup will last longer. And you will get the  more flawless makeup finish that everyone seeking for.

Free Brush Samples available.

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Features of Eyeshadow Brushes Wholesale

No matter if you are a makeup artist, drugstore owner, a online store buyer, or  a internional company purchage manager, it is worth you takes a few seconds to take a view at JAF makeup brush line.

1. Chicly Handcraft good eyeshadow brushes

    • Made with soft hair,which are great in blending colors and diffuse shadows.
    • Handmade with great care.100% handcraft with eco-friendly glue features stable and durable. 
    • The delicate shapes without ragged guarantee more even and natural makeup finishing.. 

2. Latest high quality eyeshadow brush at affordable prices

    • A versatile eyeshadow brushes line for your to pick up the best.  
    • They are for FREE SAMPLES .
    • Small quantity private label to help your start your business line (silk printing and hot stamping).
    • OEM makeup brushes  according to your demands. 

Popular  JAF Eyeshadow Brushes

08SSYM Eyeshadow Blending Brush
08ST Double Layer Eyeshadow Brush
08SSYJ Pencil Eyeshadow Brush

Wholesale Eyeshadow Makeup Brush From Manufacturer In China

JAF is an OEM & ODM makeup brush manufacturer.

We supply private label fluffy eyeshadow brush, wholesale cream eye shadow brush, personalized crease brush.

JAF take care of quality control from the beginning to the very end of your orders.

JAF consulting experts will help with the following to support your business.

1. Pick Hair material

Choose the proper bristle material of eyeshadow blending brush. Cruelty-free vegan hair is a good decision.The synthetic eyeshadow brush is easy to clean.

The newest technology of artificial hair is improved quickly. Synthetic hair that mimics natural animal hair but without any problem in hair loosing.

Some makeup artists prefer natural hair, such as pony hair, premium goat hair, or sable hair. Because it is excellent in pickup pigment.

2. Decide Shapes

Shapes are based on functions. We have eyeshadow packing brush, smudge brush, pencil  brush, all over eyeshadow brush, eye shadow applicator brush, eyeshadow shader brush… Try to start with essential eyeshadow brushes.

3. Handle DESIGN

JAF offers a different kind of handles.

Samples are free if the material is in stock.If you are interested in JAF eyeshadow makeup brushes, just feel free to contact us.


The fill material (brush hair) are available from Natural and Synthetic Fill Material, including goat hair, pony hair, synthetic hair, taklon hair, etc. 


Carefully hand-crafted JAF brush has a wide range of hair shapes for powder, cream, liquid… 


Unique brush handles and packaging designs help create a makeup brush tool that your customers will love. 

Wholesale Custom Shadow Makeup Brush To Your Brand

5-1-JAF Eyeshadow Brushes

Different shapes are for different eyeshadow brushes uses. You will get shapes such as flat , round, angled, tapered , domed, slanted, etc. Compare to the quality, JAF has cheap eyeshadow brushes to meet your budget. 

04SBYL Best Inexpensive Eyeshadow Brushes

Eyeshadow brush is one of the essential makeup brushes while applying makeup. 

5-3 vegan makeup brushes wholesale

The logo style, production position, and MOQ will determine the logo printing methods. 






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