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Wholesale Foundation Brush Supplier

Wholesale makeup brushes from JAF to get factory direclty price. JAF manufacturs and supply makeup brushes for wholesale service and customize orders. JAF whoelsale foundation brushes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. JAF full coverage foundation brush can perfectly cover the blemishes on the face. While the 

 paddle-shaped foundation brush can apply liquid makeup quickly, suitable for light makeup.Toothbrush type foundation brush are very soft and dense, suitable for cream-like foundations.We provide OEM/ODM service, welcome to send your inquiry. 

  • wholesale makeup brushes suppliers
  • wholesale makeup brushes suppliers

JAF:Your Premium Foundation Brush Manufacturer In China

JAF makeup brush supplier is located in Zhejiang China. As a professional foundation brush supplier and manufacturers, JAF products includes private label makeup brushes manufacture, custom makeup brushes sale, artist brushes, cosmetic brush, bespoke makeup brushes. 


JAF makeup brush supplier supplies kinds of foundation brush, Like silicone foundation brush, makeup sponge for foundation, flat top foundation brush, makeup brush for liquid foundation, artist foundation brush, full-bodied foundation brush, cream foundation brush, electric foundation brush. 


The most common shape of the foundation brush is paddle-shaped. The paddle foundation brush is best used in the eye area and facial details. This kind of foundation brush can reach even those hard to get areas such as the inner eye and around the nose. The flat-head shaped hair is broad and flat, which is the best to produce a light and thin effect. The angled foundation brush is designed with a slope that fits the contours of the face, allowing the face to evenly apply makeup. 

Over 10+ years of experience in makeup brush manufacturing, Our primary goal is to build a lasting relationship with our clients by meeting their specific needs. 

Foundation Brush Catalog

JAF Foundation Brush MOQ and Price



The fill material (brush hair) are available from Natural and Synthetic Fill Material, including goat hair, pony hair, synthetic hair, taklon hair, etc. 


Carefully hand-crafted JAF brush has a wide range of hair shapes for powder, cream, liquid.


Unique brush handles and packaging designs help create a makeup brush tool that your customers will love. 

Custom Foundation Brush to skyrocket your brand

silicone makeup brush

The synthetic foundation brush does not absorb water and has high elongation. 

foundation brush

We use the most excellent grade raw material. A customized foundation brush is available in our factory. 


JAF has different kinds of foundation brush: foundation buffing brush, retractable foundation brush, angled foundation brush, foundation brush set, round foundation brush. 






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