Custom Eyebrow Brushes From Makeup Brush Manufacturers China

  • 13+ Years Personalized Makeup Brushes
  • OEM/ODM For Your Eyebrow Brushes Makeup
  • 48 hours Sampling When The Material In Stock
  • First-class Quality Personalized Makeup Brushes
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Custom Eyebrow Makeup Brushes From Makeup Brush Manufacturers China

JAF is a professional eyebrow makeup brush manufacturer in China.

You will get great makeup brushes.

We have full capabilities to design your makeup brushes.

Such as OEM eyebrow brushes, flat eyebrow brush, slanted eyebrow brush, spoolie eyebrow brush, eyebrow color brush, eyebrow powder brush, angled eyebrow brush, thinnest eyebrow brush…

Send us your designs or specifications.

  • 2-1-Personalized-Makeup-Brushes

OEM Personalized Makeup Brushes To Delight Your Customers From Makeup Brush Manufacturers China

JAF Eyebrow Brush is specially designed for applying eyebrow powder, cream, gel.

JAF will make an outstanding eyebrow makeup brush to offer your customer a better experience.

JAF synthetic hair eyebrow brush is durable and comfortable. 

JAF: Your Flexible Makeup Brush Manufacturer China

JAF makeup brush factory has more than 13 years of design your own eyebrow makeup brush experience. We mainly provide in professional brush set, makeup brush set, gift brush set, painting, blush brush, eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush, eyelash brush, disposable eyebrow wand brush, and so on. Our best eyebrow brushes sell well in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


JAF achieves a good reputation in OEM Eyebrow brushes, providing customers with a good quality best brow brush and competitive prices of a good eyebrow brush. JAF is committed to delivering first-class eyebrow comb brush and satisfactory services to domestic and foreign customers. 


JAF offers high-quality eyebrow brushes. A variety of eyebrow brushes is available for you to choose from. We have angled eyebrow brush, best eyebrow brush for drugstore, vegan eyebrow concealer brush, thinnest eyebrow brush, eyebrow powder brush, eyebrow brush for pomade, eyebrow liquid brush, duo brow brush. 


Our competitive prices, on-time delivery, new design, high sense of responsibility, and comprehensive inspection before shipment will enable you to get more profit and more valuable services. We are always working to develop more new designs. OEM and custom design are welcome. 


The fill material (brush hair) are available from Natural and Synthetic Fill Material, including goat hair, pony hair, synthetic hair, taklon hair, etc. 


Carefully hand-crafted JAF brush has a wide range of hair shapes for powder, cream, liquid. . . 


Unique brush handles and packaging designs help create a makeup brush tool that your customers will love. 

Custom Eyebrow Brushes To Skyrocket Your Brand

5-1design your own makeup brushes

JAF offers brow spoolie brush, eyebrow duo brush, eyebrow eyelash brush, slanted eyebrow brush, flat eyebrow brush, eyebrow brush kit, etc. Great pairs with eyeliner, brow products, and wet/dry shadows. 

5-2 bulk combs and brushes

JAF makeup brushes allow you simply dip into product and feather on to brow or lash line using short strokes. Whether you are an eyebrow beginner or an eyebrow enthusiast, the JAF eyebrow brush makes your eyebrows easy to apply. 

5-3-custom made makeup brushes

An excellent eyebrow brush is a stiff brush without thick hair. The handles are not too long or too short, easy for professional makeup artists and beginners to use. 






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