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As a makeup brush wholesale vendors , JAF offers a variety of makeup accessories wholesale with professional quality.

JAF wholesale makeup accessories such as low priced makeup brushes, makeup brush set wholesale,facial brushes wholesale,body brushes wholesale,kabuki brush wholesale, bulk eyeshadow brushes, makeup sponges wholesale,etc. JAF wholesale makeup online and has developing an excellent reputation from all of the worlds for the past 13 years.

You will also get custom makeup brushes wholesale with your logo.  It is really an easy way to get started with your new business range.

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Here’s a Quick Summary of Wholesale Makeup Brushes Page

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Wholesale Makeup Brush Set In stock With Low MOQ

Wholesale Makeup Brush Set In stock With Low MOQ

Wholesale Makeup Brushes High Quality

Start Your Makeup Brush Wholesale With Ease.
05HYY-B ponge smudge brush
MOQ 12PCS Your Logo 120pcs

JAF: Find The Right Makeup Brush Set Manufacture and Wholesale Supplier

With over 13 years of experience, JAF makeup brush set manufacture has gain full makeup industry experience in OEM makeup brush set orders and beauty supply brushes.JAF makeup brush manufacturers have a varied selection of makeup brush sets to suit both makeup enthusiasts and makeup professionals alike.

JAF makeup brush factory offers different shapes and sizes with consistent quality. JAF makeup brush sets are integral to achieving a flawless, airbrushed look that will help you face your day with confidence.

JAF has insisted on our production procedure innovation, together with the latest modern managing method. We regard high-quality is the most important thing.With the help of thousands of direct customers all over the words, JAF makeup brush factory knows your end-customers well. You can be confident in the JAF makeup brush factory.

The variety of makeup brush wholesale models can be used not only for personal use at home, but also for beauty companies. We have provided customized brands makeup brushes wholesale for many European and American makeup artists. You can directly start your makeup brush wholesale business with a very low MOQ, or invest in customizing your makeup brush series at a very low cost.And the you will get nice minimum order quantity for wholeslae makeup brush set orders, reasonable price,fast shipping time, reliable after-sales service and so on.

JAF bulk makeup brushes wholesale are durable and have a 1-year warranty. If there is a quality problem, it can be replaced.

Wholesale Makeup Brush Set Fibers

The brush hair is including goat hair, pony hair, synthetic hair, taklon hair, etc.

Makeup Brush Set Shapes

Carefully hand-crafted JAF brush has a wide range of hair shapes for powder, cream, liquid.


Makeup Brush Set Design

Different hair types have different gripping power and different comfort levels on the face.

Wholesale High Quality Makeup Brushes For You To Check Quality


We offer free samples if we have materail in stock.

JAF makeup brushes wholesale are of excellent quality, please  message us with the  products you are interested with.

You will find the model number in the product title with letters and numbers in it.

You need to pay the fast shipping fee. We will ship by Fedex/ DHL /UPS/ EMS, etc. 

If you have account of DHL, you can also make sample shipping orders and pickup the samples from my factory.

If you have private label ideas, or custom makeup brushes, feel free to let me know. We can help you with it.


For wholesale orders, the MOQ is 12 pcs if we have products in stock.

For private label orders, the MOQ is 120 pcs .

For cutomized orders, the MOQ is 1200 pcs. The more quantity, the cheaper price .

If you have any idea about the quantity, feel free to let me know. I will try to find a solution for you. There is always solutions.



The definite guide of wholesale makeup brushes


In this article, I will show you how to wholesale makeup brushes from China. If you are looking for high-quality makeup brushes wholesale, you get the right place.

Let’s start now.

  Table of Contents


Wholesaling refers to all activities that occur when goods or services are sold to customers who purchase them for resale or enterprise use. The main difference between wholesale and retail is the purpose. The wholesale business is for business purposes, while the retail is for personal use.

1.1 what is wholesale price


The wholesale price refers to the price at which the wholesale business supplies goods above the MOQ. After the ex-factory price and before the retail price, the price is in the middle of the circulation process. It generally consists of the purchase price of the wholesale company, shipping costs, profits and taxes. So, when we calculate the wholesale price, we will quote you the wholesale price of makeup brushes with a shipping fee. You need to add your profit and taxes, if there are any. Maybe you need to call your customs department to figure out the taxes rate so that you will finally figure out the wholesale price at your side.

1.2 what does MOQ mean in wholesale


MOQ is short for Minimum Order Quantity. That is, if you want to buy wholesale products, the minimum purchase quantity must be reached. Only reach the MOQ, you will make the order. Some merchants will set such a requirement for the lowest cost consideration. The MOQ maybe the minimum order quantity, or the order amount reaches a target amount.
The advantage of working with JAF, we do not have MOQ for most of our products. We stock material to support your small business. In general, JAF has a MOQ of 12 pcs each type as wholesale for single makeup brushes or makeup sponges. For the brush set, JAF requires a minimum of 4 sets for some unique items. That is really a small MOQ for a starter.


2.0Why do wholesale makeup brushes?


If you are just starting out, wholesale cosmetics is one of the good ways to grow your business. Cosmetics are trendy, and makeup brushes are one of the essential makeup tools. At the same time, makeup brushes don’t have a short shelf life like cosmetics, so you don’t have to worry about expiration.
There are too many cosmetic brush suppliers on the market, and the pictures of each supplier are also very beautiful. They all look like high-quality makeup brushes.
But is this really the case?
Of course not.
Now, there is only one problem:
How to choose high-quality popular makeup brushes?


3. How to start a wholesale business of makeup brushes?


How to start your makeup brush wholesale business? You must have a specific idea in your mind. Choose popular styles and colors of makeup brushes, choose a suitable makeup brush wholesaler to purchase, and then sell them to popular channels. So, the first question is which to buy? A good selection is an excellent way to make your wholesale business stand out.
If you are familiar with makeup brushes, start with the makeup brushes you must use every day. A must-have makeup brush set is a perfect start. Suppose you are a professional makeup artist and want to purchase makeup brushes for your makeup students. In that case, a professional vegan or natural hair suit is a good choice. If you are looking for matching makeup tools for your makeup collection, makeup brushes with the right size and matching colors are your first choice.

A set of essential makeup brushes is generally recommended as a 7-8: 1 powder brush, 1 blush brush, 1 contour brush, 1 foundation brush, 1 color picker, 1 smudge brush, and 1 eyebrow Brush, a lip brush. This is the necessary count. If you need to be more detailed, you can add a highlight brush, detail smudge brush, concealer brush, eyeliner brush, mascara brush, etc. Suppose you need a more mini set of brushes. In that case, the blush and powder brushes can be only one round powder brush. But this will bring the trouble of color switching after all. It can only be used for makeup for temporary travel.

For professional brush sets, more than 20 pieces are generally recommended. The specifications of the professional brush set can be large, medium and small. Eye shadow brushes can also be divided into large, medium and small eye shadow brushes according to the needs of different parts. Blending brushes can be designed according to other blending components. There are pointed blending brushes at the eye sockets, fine blending brushes at the end of the eyes, and blending brushes for smaller hairs on the lower eyelids. The lip brush will also be divided into more detailed lip liner brushes for drawing lip lines and filling lip brushes for filling lip colors.


4.Guide of Color & Shapes & Material & Package of Wholesale Makeup Brushes


4.1 What about the colors of wholesale makeup brushes?


A few years ago, JAF conducted research on the attributes of the best-selling makeup brushes on amazon and found that black is the most popular color attribute. Followed by pink and white. Like most famous brands, most of the products are still black, classic and durable.
However, in the past two years, colorful makeup brushes have been pouring into the market continuously, gaining the attention of makeup enthusiasts, and seven colors are trendy. The following are some of the latest popular color brushes launched by brands.


4.2 What about the hair shapes?


Regarding each type of brush, we need to pay attention to the shape and size of the brush head. The shape of the brush head determines which part of the face the brush head is suitable for. The size of the brush should be adapted to the specific area of use. If you want delicate base makeup, choosing the right brush head and size is essential.
According to the shape of the brush head, we can be divided into:

Let’s introduce the essential makeup brushes one by one~

Foundation Brush

There are still some little fairies who are slightly more delicate and have high requirements for foundation makeup. They will choose the sponge powder puffs for makeup. The foundation brush will be faster than other makeup tools in terms of experience, and the details are also processed. It will be relatively better, more concealer.

The base makeup created with the foundation brush is more translucent and does not have a heavy feeling. Therefore, if the foundation brush is selected correctly, the makeup will be half the success! It can prevent the product from being over-absorbed when applying makeup and control the product to be polished on the skin.

The standard base makeup brush head shapes on the market are the flat head, round head, and flat head.
▲Flat head▲The flat head is more suitable for using a thin foundation, such as a liquid foundation and gouache. The flat-head foundation brush cannot hold too much foundation at once. The amount of foundation taken each time is not much, which is conducive to controlling the amount of foundation. Small amounts and multiple times will make the makeup more natural. In addition, the flat-head foundation brush is effortless to use.
▲Round head▲The round head is more suitable for thicker foundation, such as foundation cream, foundation cream, BB. Using a round-head foundation brush is generally to make a circular motion to push the foundation cream evenly to create a matte effect. The large round head brush puts on makeup very quickly and takes a few seconds.
▲Flat head▲The flat head is more suitable for using a thicker foundation, such as foundation cream and BB. The flat-head foundation brush can be used with poke and dot techniques to apply foundation to smooth the pores and have a soft-focus effect. The brush head will not impact the makeup effect. It mainly depends on the foundation itself and the degree of cooperation between the foundation and the brush. There are also bevel brushes and angled brushes, which can better take care of the corners of the face. And make it easier to apply makeup.

Loose powder brush /contour brush/blush brush

Classic loose powder brushes and blush brushes are also essential tools in most makeup artists’ toolboxes. Sweeping the whole face with loose powder is softer and more natural than using a powder puff. It can apply the powder very evenly, making the makeup effect natural and not artificial. It saves powdery products.


Powder brush /Contour brush/ Blush Brush


These brushes with powdered cosmetics have standard features. First of all, their hairs are not as densely arranged as the makeup brushes. They are relatively loose. The density of the hair is related to the powder’s holding power. No matter whether it is loose powder or shadow blush, too much is not required. The loose hair is not strong in sticking powder, so it is suitable for setting makeup or repairing appearance.
This type of brush has the most significant brush head among all makeup brushes and is more fluffy. The brush head is mainly round and flame-shaped. These two types are almost versatile. Loose powder / contouring (shadow and highlight) / blush can be used.

There are also many types of brush heads for loose paint/contouring brushes on the market, and the common ones are cone, angle, and fan-shaped.
▲Round Tapered ▲Round Tapered powder brushes are often used with loose powder and blush. The tapered bristle is long and is suitable for brushing the apple muscles. Because the slope of the brush is vast, the powder gripping power is moderate and even, and the upper face is even, suitable for any face shape.

▲Flat head▲Flat heads are often used with a shadow powder as a contouring brush.
Flat-headed brushes are more suitable for contouring the jawline. Both circular and straight sweeping techniques are acceptable. It is not convenient to use a flat-head brush where there may be sunken skin in other parts.
▲Bevel ▲The angle is often matched with blush and highlight/shadow powder.
The beveled brush head is the most common essential contouring brush. The inclined surface is more suitable for human facial lines. The inclined surface brush generally only has a partially inclined surface, unlike the tapered brush, which has all inclined surfaces on all sides. The bevel brush is more suitable for small contouring areas than the tapered brush, such as the highlights near the apple muscles and the shadows on the cheeks.
Contour brush/Nose shadow brush
The contouring brush is generally oblique. When using it, remember to smudge a few times and find the position. The nose shadow brush generally chooses a small round head oblique angle brush. When brushing, pay attention to both sides of the nose should be deepened.

▲Fan shape ▲The fan shape is often matched with highlights or used as extra paint.
The fan-shaped brush is not strong enough to grasp the powder, and the shape is mainly flat. The highlight on the narrow upper area is particularly suitable, such as the highlight between the eye and the apple muscle. Use the remaining powder brush to sweep a few times.
Of course, fan-shaped brushes are more often used as residual powder brushes. After setting the makeup, you can gently sweep from top to bottom and brush off the excess loose powder from the inside to the outside.


Eye shadow brush


Eyeshadow brushes are small-size brushes used to deal with eye details. There are two main parts in the treatment of eye makeup, one is coloring, and the other is blooming. This also determines the different forms of eye shadow brushes.

The eye shadow brush used for picking a color is with short, dense hair. The eye area is small, and the brush needs to be accurately positioned, so the brush head. The shape is also required.
The most common is the eye shadow brush shape:
Flat coloring brush:
The coloring brush is generally flat and is used for smudging a large area of ​​the eyelid. The bristles are thicker and shorter. Smaller coloring brushes form a detail brush. Generally, the brush head is relatively flat. Still, it has a pointed shape, which is convenient for controlling the coloring of details. It is generally used to color the lower eyelids, eye sockets and eye tails.

Smudge brush


The bristles of the blending brush are long and loose and are used to blend each color. The smudge brush is round or tapered, suitable for smudges on different parts. The shorter the hair, the more suitable for areas with a small blooming area. Longer hair is suitable for stage makeup, and other exaggerated makeup looks. In contrast, short hair is suitable for fine eye shadow and blooming in one stroke.


Eyeliner brush


Eyeliner brushes are generally used with eyeliner, so most of them are artificial hair. The brush hair is stiff, easy to control the intensity. There are two main types of eyeliner brush head shapes: the oblique flat head and the pointed head.

▲Bevel flat head▲The oblique flat head can be used with eyeliner to draw thicker outer eyeliner and treat the end of the eye. Sometimes you don’t want the eyeliner to be too sharp. You can use this brush to dip the eye shadow powder to draw a fuzzy eyeliner, deepen the eye contour, and be very natural.

▲Pointed ▲The pointed eyeliner brush generally draws thinner lines than the oblique flat-headed brush. It is often used to draw inner eyeliner, or it can be used to repair eyeliner.

Eyebrow brush


Thrush generally has these steps, such as outline, fill color, smudge, dye, etc. All you need to use brushes are contouring, filling and blending.
Brow brushes are generally spiral brushes and angled brushes. Generally, a spiral brush is used after the eyebrow pencil to comb the eyebrows. Spiral eyebrow brush, similar to eyelash brush. It has two functions. One is to brush off the excess eyebrow powder to achieve a smudged effect. Second, if the eyebrow dye is applied, the spiral eyebrow brush can also brush away the clumps on the eyebrows.
Angle brushes are generally hard bristles, suitable for eyebrow powder. The bevel brush is often used to outline the edges of the eyebrows, and the lines drawn are relatively thin. For coloring, generally use a small round-head brush, dipped in eyebrow powder and fill in the areas that need to be colored.

Lip brush


Lip brushes generally require small brush heads that can be used for accurate drawing. Bristles should be hard for easy control of strength; artificial bristles are best and washable. Lip brushes can be divided into lip liner brushes and color-filling brushes. The lip liner brush is generally pointed for easy line drawing. The coloring brushes are generally round and pointed for easy coloring.


Concealer brush


In fact, the requirements of a concealer brush are basically the same as that of a lip brush. Still, the hair length should be shorter and the hair harder so that the strength can be controlled and the concealer can be accurately concealed. Concealer brushes of different shapes are suitable for different parts. For example, the tongue-shaped flat head is suitable for concealing under the eyes. The tapered head is more pointed and thinner. It is suitable for concealing acne marks and spots. The flat head brush is generally used to repair the contours and blemishes of the eyebrows and lips.
This is the classification of the main shapes of cosmetic brushes on the market. In actual use, you can actually find that most of the brushes can be used in many places simultaneously. For example, the eyeliner brush mentioned above can also be used as a concealer brush, a large smudge brush as a nose shadow brush, and a contouring brush. Yes… So, it is very flexible in matching makeup brushes. You can download the JAF cosmetic brush product catalog and choose the appropriate cosmetic brush to form your own exclusive wholesale cosmetic brush product.


4.3 What about the hair material of makeup brushes?


Mink Hair


Mink is also called yellow wolf tail. This kind of hair is the best in hair, it has very good elasticity, and if it is dyed, the dyeing effect is also very good. The original color is golden yellow, and it is durable. But the price of this kind of hair is very high. Generally, mink hair is used for makeup brushes, which are very high-end makeup brushes. Mink hair is usually used for eye shadow brushes or lip brushes;


Goat hair


Goat wool has the most types, and the quality ranges from good to bad are fine light peak, medium light peak, white peak, yellow, white peak, yellow peak, No. 2, No. 10, No. 0, single and double. The better the quality, the softer the hair is. Goat wool has a natural luster. Currently, it is hardly used in the market because it is very shabby and looks poor in texture. Goat wool itself has a smelly smell. Even after treatment, there will still be some.


Pure horse hair


It has soft elasticity and good coloring, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to deform. The color is dark brown and light brown, a few of which are white and black. This kind of hair is used in mid-range makeup brushes, mainly for eye shadow and nose shadow brushes.


Mixed horse hair


As the name suggests, mixed horse hair is mixed hair, a mixture of horse hair and nylon. This kind of hair mainly increases the hair’s elasticity, making up for the shortcomings of pure horsehair. The hair is not easy to deform, and it is also highly accepted in the market. Relatively speaking, it is cost-effective and is the most widely used.


Nylon wool


With the most hair on the market, Americans are now very concerned about environmental protection. They think that animal hair will harm animals, so they all require the use of nylon hair. The main reason is that nylon hair is very plastic. Its elasticity and softness can be adjusted according to needs. The price of nylon wool cannot be judged solely by the thickness, which is also related to the number of colors. There are also new varieties of imitation wool appearing in the market, which are actually nylon wool. Still, they are made very similar to real wool. Nylon wool with more colors is definitely more expensive than monochromatic nylon wool.

In addition to these are more likely to appear on the market. There are also some rare ones. Only professional high-end makeup artists will use different animal hairs for a single makeup brush, such as squirrel hair, squirrel hair, squirrel hair, etc.


4.4 What about the packing options?


For each large brush, the high-quality makeup brush may have hair protectors. It is made of nylon mesh or clear PVC material.
The wholesale makeup brushes set are mostly packed in PVC cage, PVC bag, paper box, leather case, poly bag. Polybag is the most economical way, and the PVC case is a new common packing for those brush set without the case. A leather case is a high-end packing way. Paper box packing is also popular for single makeup brushes.


5.How to find wholesale makeup brush items to sell on Amazon /eBay /Shopify?


Here is the most simple way to find wholesale makeup brushes to resell on e-business websites as /eBay /Shopify/ WooCommerce.
Firstly, find a product that is already sold on Amazon
Secondly, find a supplier that is already producing a similar product,
Thirdly: make up your order with your own label on the product. You can make small changes to improve the product that is already hot selling.By private labeling products and selling them on Amazon, you don’t need to invent new things. Trying to invent a new product or create a new market on Amazon is very dangerous and has a high probability of failure.However, if you can improve the already existing products and do a better job in your marketing. You can get a lot of money on Amazon.So this is why I recommend finding a profitable product on Amazon.

Fourth:Using Amazon’s best-selling product list will give you a lot of valuable data and information to help you figure out what sales and profits are.

The standards include the following:

  • Ensure that the product is light and relatively small (no more than a few pounds in weight), as this will make a big difference in the shipping cost of your product.
  • Find a product to sell for more than $10 and at least a 30-50% profit margin.
  • Find a simple product that is not easy to break or has complexity. Otherwise, it may lead to refunds or customer complaints.
  • Find a relatively cheap product (this will depend on your budget).
  • Choose a product that can stand out in the market, or you can find a better product in this market to sell on Amazon.
  • Find a product sold on Amazon. You will be a little interested or keen on it.

6.Where to buy wholesale makeup brushes in China?


6.1 Where to buy wholesale products in China


The main places where cosmetic brushes are produced in China are Dongguan, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Yiwu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Luyi, Henan, and Cangzhou, Hebei. The places mentioned above are concentrated areas for purchasing cosmetic brushes in China and more cosmetic brush factories. If you have the opportunity to come to China, you can visit these places.


6.2 What are the best wholesale website from China?


If you want to choose a supplier through online channels. Here I recommend three ways to search for makeup brush suppliers.

  • B2B trade website

Aliexpress is a small-volume procurement platform, and even one piece can be sent on your behalf. Very convenient for your retail business. And there are a variety of products and suppliers for you to choose from. If your order is about a few hundred dollars, you can consider or Also, Made in China and Global Sources are both wholesale websites like Alibaba. You can also try.

  • Search directly on Google.

Recent years. More and more Chinese cosmetic brush factories are establishing their own websites on Google. You can easily search for the makeup brush factory that suits you. For example, JAF is one of them.

  • Social network

You can also search for Chinese suppliers on social media, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Quora, etc. You can find the practice methods of the makeup brush factory on social media, and after contacting, decide whether to cooperate with them.


7.How to choose the wholesale makeup brushes supplier?


Here are five basic factors that affect you are choosing makeup brushes as your supplier.

  • Lowest Price:Lowest prices are always so attractive. However, “you will get what you pay for.” So, my advice is to choose the median price, not the lowest one. You can get low-quality makeup brushes. For example, smaller-sized makeup brushes, fewer hair makeup brushes, or fewer glue makeup brushes (which make the handle easily falling apart.).It is best to see the real sample before ordering.;


  • Get real samples to evaluate mass production quality.Always try to get the real samples before ordering. So, you will know if the wholesaler can produce products according to your requirements or whether their existing products are exactly the items you want.


  • Good communication.Communication is more complex. It is so important that a wholesale makeup brush supplier who is fluent in English will take care of your requirements. If you repeat your requirements repeatedly, your supplier still does not produce products following your requirements. Just pass your supplier and choose another one. It will make you crazier.Good communication relies on two factors: (1) always understand your needs. (2) Professional enough in the industry. There is always a solution. If not, you just have not found it.


  • Compare delivery time.Delivery time refers to the time required to produce and prepare all products for shipment after you place an order. Suppose you have multiple supplier options, and their prices are similar. In that case, it is best to choose the one with a shorter delivery time.


  • Consider transportation solutions and transportation costs.Suppose you don’t have a trusted freight forwarder and you prefer suppliers to help you handle logistics. In that case, you have to compare not only product prices but also logistics costs and solutions.


8.Why JAF wholesale makeup brushes?


As a professional makeup brush supplier, we are serious about the quality. We know that quality makeup brushes help our wholesale business in the long run. So, we are very concerned about your satisfaction and your different needs during your business periods.
JAF Wholesale makeup brushes are ideal for daily and professional use.Quality makeup brush material and skilled craftsmanship ensure JAF makeup brushes are great for makeup enthusiasts and pro artists.Buy high-quality makeup brushes will help you get your job done right and efficiently.
JAF is dedicated to providing quality makeup brushes & makeup tools at wholesale prices. Browse the JAF catalog for wholesale makeup brushes and tools. You will get power brushes, kabuki makeup brushes, face mask brushes, foundation brushes, lip brushes, eyeshadow brushes and much more makeup tools at actually low wholesale prices. And, we stock thousands of makeup brushes for different uses. You will get high-end makeup brushes at a low price from the manufacturer directly.
JAF is also a leading high-end makeup wholesaler with over 13 years of experience in the makeup tool industry. JAF offers a wide variety of wholesale makeup tools to supermarkets, makeup stores, beauty salons, makeup artist studios, makeup schools, large retail stores, makeup wholesalers, discount stores & many more retailers. Our team works efficiently for great service and your 100% satisfaction.


9.Trading Details of Wholesale makeup brushes


9.1 Which payments are available?


You will get protected by a safe payment method. For small wholesale orders, please use Paypal or credit card payment. We also accept the west union, bank transfer, and transfer to company accounts.


9.2 How to shipping to your country?


There are mainly 4 types of shipping worldwide.
If it is a small order, fast shipping is a good choice. Fast shipping like DHL/FEDEX/UPS/ARAMEX takes only a couple of business days. The only disadvantage is the cost is so high. After the corvid-19, the shipping fee is much higher. It increases almost double and more.
The second fast way is shipping by air. It is faster too. But the cost is higher.
The third way is shipping by sea. It is the most common way to ship bulk orders. Shipping by sear is slow. Depending on the destination, it usually takes more than a month or even fifty to sixty days, but the cost is relatively low;
The fourth way is shipping by railway. In Yiwu, there is a project called “Belt and Road.” The train can take only about a dozen days, and the cost is not high. Since 2015, Yiwu has traded with more than 60 countries along the route, involving the Middle East, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and other regions.


9.3 What is the delivery time of wholesale makeup brushes?


For the stock makeup brushes, the makeup brush supplier will usually ship in a couple of days. Online shopping is so popular in China now. So, many makeup brush factories make stock makeup brushes and sell them wholesale. It is called factory directly selling. So you will get a much lower price than the wholesaler in your country.
Suppose you order a large number of wholesale makeup brushes. In that case, the production time is different according to your quantity, usually about two ~ five weeks.


9.4 Do I need to pay import taxes?

It is upon your country. The most country has a tax-fee amount of importing amount. If you reach the amount, you need to pay the taxes. It is in your charge.

10.Everything about the quality of makeup brushes


The makeup brushes are mainly made of three parts: the hair part, the metal part and the handle part. And usually, we need to consider the packing. The most important part that concerns the quality is the material part.

10.1  Hair Types

Natural hair: Mink’s hair is the best of bristles, soft and moderate in texture. Goat wool is the most common raw material for animal hair, and it has a soft texture and can be long-lasting. The texture of pony hair is softer and more elastic than ordinary horse hair.

Cruelty-free hair: Artificial synthetic hair is now so popular. And it is now as soft as natural hair. Some users even say synthetic hair is softer than goat hair now.
The main index that affects the softness is the diameter of the hair. Usually, the 0.06mm hair is softer than the 0.8mm hair. For the face cleansing brush, we usually use 0.06mm of hair. For the face brushes, we usually use 0.07-0.08mm hair. Sometimes, the very soft hair of 0.06mm does not pick up powder and the 0.07mm hair.
Another important index is the pointing of the hair tip. The sharp point will pick up makeup better than the hair without a pointed tip. Nylon has the hardest texture and is mostly used as an eyelash brush and eyebrow brush.
And there are different waves of cruelty-free hair. The makeup brushes make with a large wave of hair seems plenty of hair, but actually not that much. A small or medium wave hair is great for dense bristles.


10.2 About the ferrule metal.

The thicker the ferrule, the better protection. If the ferrule is gone bad shape, so does the hair shape. So, make sure you get the strong enough ferrule.
Another is the painting of ferrule. The good quality painting of the metal part does not have a bad spot on it and less scratch.


10.3 About the handle.

A qualified handle has eco-friendly painting and has at least more than 6 painting layers. The handle needs to be polishing smoothly and not to see the original texture of wood.


10.4 About the assembling of makeup brushes

There are two ways to join the metal part with the handle part. One is the white or yellow hot-melt adhesive to assembling the brush metal part to the handle part. Another is AB glue. Ab glue’s solidification or adhesion is significantly better than yellow glue but expensive than yellow glue.


11.Become an expert to makeup your makeup brushes long-lasting


Regularly clean makeup brushes to save your makeup brushes makeup and protect your skin from destructive bacteria.


11.1 Daily maintenance


Step 1. To start makeup application, lay Out doubled-up tissue or paper towel (1/2 sheet will do).
Step 2. Before using each brush, move the bristle on the tissue back and forth to ensure there is no remaining pigment in the brush.
Step 3. Alter makeup application, again paint off the remaining pigment on the tissue. (NEVER rub the bristles roughly, or you will damage them.)
Step 4. Brushes for applying wet makeup (like foundation) must be cleaned with mild soap to prevent the bristles from getting hard and parting (useless).


11.2 How do you clean makeup brushes?


Step 1 Rinse the brush under running warm water by moving your linger across the bristles in the direction of their tips.
Step 2: Apply some mild soap on the bristles and then do circular strokes in the center 01 your palm, getting the lull benefit of the soap breaking down the pigment in the bristles.
Step 3: Continue the circular motion under running water to wash the soap off the bristles, assisting with your linger tips to shape the bristles back to normal.
Step 4 Lay the brush FLAT to dry on a clean, absorbent surface. (DO NOT stand the brush on end as the water will run down and pool in the ferrule, resulting in bristles with whole or falling off.)


12. Is it possible to put my logo on brushes?


Yes, the brushes can be print with your own design LOGO.

What methods of logo printing on JAF makeup brushes?


13. Does JAF provide customization of makeup brushes?


If you want to have your own brand for the marketing, we can customize it to your demand. You can design the shape, color and material of the makeup brush by yourself. And, In addition, we also provide exquisite printing and packaging box services.


14.How does JAF support the OEM makeup brush business?


You will get a nice minimum order quantity, reasonable price, fast shipping time, reliable after-sales service and so on.
Is it sounds so nice to you?

I think yes.

These four elements seem quite simple, but in the actual business process, they are actually contradictory.Improving the quality of makeup brushes means that the production speed may be reduced. To deliver the goods faster, the shipping price of the goods will increase. To lower the price of makeup brushes, the quality of makeup brushes may be affected…
Anyway, we have been working hard on each element. Firstly, we are always insisting on the high standards in cosmetic brush quality. And then, balance the makeup brush production speed, order delivery time and customer service.

JAF provides a rich and comprehensive series of professional makeup tools. We provide:

  • Beginner makeup brush sets.
  • Single brush series.
  • Portable makeup brush.
  • A professional makeup artist brush.
  • You will get it at a lower price on our website. If you are a cosmetics retailer or makeup artist, JAF is your ideal choice.


15.What is your after-sale service?


JAF makeup brushes are super long and durable and have a 1-year warranty. If there is a quality problem, it can be replaced.

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